About pūrbird

After years of planning, Purbird opened it’s doors in August of 2011. The idea was to provide consistently delicious, healthy fare. A top quality Chicken based menu, which included healthy salads, and sides that could be prepared to order at a reasonable price. We wanted to create a casual friendly atmosphere where people of all ages could feel good about what they’re eating, not only once but even several times a week.

Five years later, pūrbird has become a go to for families and people of all ages. Come try chicken that you’ll crave……. make pūrbird your bird!

Best Chicken EVER!

Their chicken is the BEST. It's a small shop, located on the corner of St. Marks Ave and 6ave, in Park Slope. I came here with a friend because we heard they make chicken pot pie and other chicken dishes, and we absolutely had to try.

Great Service

First time I came here I had the chicken soup and the jalapeño Mac and cheese. Happiness in my mouth. It was a rainy day, I had a could and I couldn't have made a better choice. The service was fast and the staff was attentive and answered my unnecessarily high amount of questions.